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Professional Director Service

What is a Professional Director?

A Professional Director is designed to assist you in maintaining your privacy. Only his/her name appears on public and state records; not yours. The service provides your corporation with a Professional Director to keep your name reasonably indiscernible.

To use this service, you must provide us with someone (like yourself) who will assume the role as the vice president and who will be accept full powers to act on behalf of the corporation.

Your name will not appear on any public or state records. Only the name of the President, Secretary and Treasurer will emerge. The Professional Director can  fill these positions on behalf of the corporation and only his/her name will appear on the public and state records .

This service can be an essential bastion between your assets and potential lawsuits. The first thing attorneys do when a lawsuit is filed is conducted an asset search.

Using a Professional Director is a means of preventing your name and your personal assets from appearing in a search. By having contracted directors and officers represent those positions on public file, your relationship with the corporation remains totally private.

Delaware prides itself on being the "Corporation Capital of the World" and is recognized as the most attractive state for organizing a business entity. Ownership of a Delaware corporation is strictly confidential. The service maintains the privacy of the ownership of the corporation. You can use the Professional Directors when applying for a Federal ID Number.

The fee for this service starts at $3000.00 for a one-year period. You will have to sign a disclaimer assuring us that you are not using the nominee service to be fraudulent or deceitful. Fees must be wired for this service.

We assume that you are procuring the services of a Professional Director due to personal circumstances and need to attain privacy when setting up and operating the new corporation or limited liability company.

Option 1: Limited Non-Resident Application Services for EIN

This service is designed to accommodate your immediate needs to "only" process the application for the Federal ID Number (EIN). We are offering a Limited Professional Director Contract of Agreement. This contract will cease upon the issuance of the EIN Number from the IRS.

The cost for this service is $250.00.

We will need a copy of your current passport and a signed copy of the completed application (we will prepare) to the IRS to apply for the EIN Number.

Option II: Professional Director

We would be happy to provide you with a Professional Director to maintain your privacy when setting up the new corporation or limited liability company.

Privacy is a very personal issue. As long as you have legitimate reasons for wanting to keep the privacy of the corporation in line with the laws and statutes of the state of Delaware we can accommodate your request as ling as the intent is not fraudulent or deceitful.

Through an exclusive affiliation with a separate company, we are able to provide the services of a Professional Director who will act as a corporate officer or member  for our clients when setting up a new corporation or limited liability company.

For qualified legal and/or financial adviser, you may address your questions to us either toll-free at (800) 219-9359 or at (561) 968.6611or via email to tax@delawarecorp.net.

It is at the discretion of the Professional Director to accept or refuse this service. If we find that you are using a Professional Director for any deceitful or illegal purpose the contract will be immediately canceled with no refund of any fee.

NOTE: Fees for Professional Director Services have to be wired. You must be approved before we invoice you