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Maintenance of a Corp or LLC

Annual Maintenance Requirements for Corporations, LLC, Limited or General Partnership

Each year in January you will receive a bill for the $90 Delaware Registered Agent fee and either the state of Delaware Franchise Tax or Annual Report if an LLC, depending on which corporate entity you have. 

For Non-US citizens, a $35 air mail deposit for mail forwarding is also due.

All companies must file an income tax with the IRS even if there is "No Activity". There is an optional fee to have our tax accounting partner file your income tax.

NOTE: If you do not have a principal office in the state of Delaware there is no requirement to file an income tax with the state but you must file on the Federal Level.

Delaware Corporations

All corporations are required to file an annual franchise tax. Franchise Tax Reports must be received by the Secretary of State prior to March 1 of every calendar year. The minimum franchise tax is $225.00 with a maximum tax of $180,000. 

Delaware Limited Liability Company

The minimum tax on the Limited Liability Company is $300.00 and is due on or before June 1 every calendar year.
Annual Reports are mailed to the registered agent in March of every year. A $300 filing fee is required by the State of Delaware 

If either the annual Franchise Tax Report or the Annual Report are not filed on a timely basis the State of Delaware will assess penalties and interest accrued on a monthly basis.

Delaware Registered Agent Fee

The registered agent fee is $90.00 billed on an annual basis January of every year. If you subscribe to one of our corporate packages the year of incorporation is free. 

We also include First Class Mail Forwarding with all of our corporate packages. International clients pay an additional $35.00 mail deposit fee to cover the minimal cost of air mail forwarding.

For a small service fee, usually $35.00 we will file either the Franchise Tax Report (for a Corporation) or Annual Report (for an LLC) on your behalf. 

Pay Annual Fee's