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What is a Certificate of Incumbency?

A Certificate of Incumbency is a confirmation of the identity of the signing authorities of a company used to prove that they are authorized to enter into legally-binding transactions on the company's behalf.

The Certificate of Incumbency is a document which includes the names, titles, and percentage owned by the company registered in Delaware. Only a registered agent has the authority to prepare, notarize and file this document on behalf of your company.

As a prerequisite, you will have to provide us either with a signed and notarized Corporate Resolution if a corporation or if an LLC a Membership Resolution.

What is a Corporate Resolution or a Membership Resolution?

Each of these documents will be prepared by Global Corporate Services with the information provided by a corporate officer or member of your company. The document will include

1. All names of officers and directors if a Corporation or names and titles of all members if an LLC

2. The percentage owned of the company indicated.

3. The name of the company, File Number and date incorporated.

The document must be signed and notarized and returned with an original signature. The company must be in good standing with both us as your registered agent and the state of Delaware.

We, in turn, will prepare the Certificate of Incumbency and have it signed in our Delaware office by a corporate officer and have notarized.

If in addition, you need to have the document attested to by the state and/or the US Embassy of choice there will be additional fees.