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Protect Yours Assets With A Delaware Company

Own Your Aircraft or Yacht with a Delaware Corporation or LLC

Airplane and Boat Asset Protection

Are you aware that all of your personal assets are in jeopardy if you own your new or used aircraft or yacht as an individual or as a partnership? To protect yourself from a total financial disaster, you might want to own your aircraft or yacht as a Delaware Corporation or a Limited Liability Company (LLC).

Owning the aircraft or yacht as a Corporation or LLC in Delaware, not only offers you asset protection but privacy and tax savings. Once you have made the decision give us a call for a free consultation or go to our secure form to get started.

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If you are going to purchase the aircraft as a Delaware corporation, then why not incorporate in Delaware? Delaware is recognized as having a favorable tax climate. The State of Delaware has:

 No Sales tax

No Personal property tax

No Intangible property tax

No Stock transfer tax

As an International Citizen, Can I Still Own My Aircraft or Yacht as a Corporation or LLC?

An aircraft or yacht may not be registered in a foreign country during the period it is registered in the United States.. The FAA will not permit a non-citizen to register an aircraft as an LLC. They will however permit an aircraft to be owned as a "C" Corporation as long as the aircraft is flown in the US 60% of the time.

The FAA requires a log of flown hours completed by every non-citizen owned Corporation mailed to the Delaware address every six months for validation. When received, we will scan the form and email to you.

To initiate FAA registration of the aircraft, the non-citizen Corporation will have to provide the FAA with a Certified copy of the Certificate of Incorporation along with a Bill of Sale, the Form 8050-1 and a fee of $5.

The state of Delaware has no restrictions for non-citizen Corporations for yacht registration.

For yacht owners who wish to document their vessel with the USCG, the Coast Guard requires that a non-citizen Corporation be owned 75% US citizens. Proof of US citizenship equally 75%  will have to be provided upon application.

For those non-citizens requiring either FAA registration or USCG documentation without restrictions, we offer a Trustee Owned Corporation package. Please contact us for information about this opportunity.

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We offer a "Special Internet Incorporation Package" of  $365 to all clients with a US mailing address. If mail is being sent to a country other than the US the fee is $430. For additional infomation go to:

Are there any advantages of selling the stock and assets of the corporation or LLC in lieu of the sale of the aircraft or yacht?

In most cases, the prospective owner will have to pay a sales tax on the purchase of the aircraft or yacht. With this in mind from the outset, not only will the prospective owner derive the advantages of ownership as a corporation, when the aircraft or yacht subsequently are put up for sale, the owner has the flexibility of selling the aircraft or yacht as an asset of the corporation or selling the entire corporation of which the aircraft or yacht are the only asset. The latter circumstance is accomplished by simply transferring the shares of stock in the corporation over to the new owners. This arrangement can be very attractive to the prospective purchaser because title to the aircraft or yacht has not changed hands since it is still registered to the corporation. Therefore, no sales tax may be assessable on the transfer, and, no re-registration costs are incurred. Even though, when purchasing the aircraft or yacht, there is always a possibility that a "use tax" may be assessed in the state you are actually keeping or using the aircraft or yacht, the true advantage of owning the aircraft or yacht as a corporation (besides protection of assets) truly comes into being when you opt to sell the aircraft or yacht.

DISCLAIMER: It is important to note that sales tax shelters are situational.

Many states have a "use tax" and the like. One should consult with a legal or tax advisor to determine if a tax on a aircraft will be due in the State in question. If an Idaho resident  POPUP In fact, an additional savings occurs because the aircraft does not need to be registered again and avoids the hassle.