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State of Embassy Attestation

The state of Delaware provides authentication of Delaware public officials signatures on documents. If the document is to be used outside the United States, the country of destination determines whether the certification is an apostille or authentication. Usually, the foreign country requires what is known as a Certificate of Incumbency. A Certificate of Incumbency is a confirmation of the identity of the signing authorities of a company used to prove that they are authorized to enter into legally-binding transactions on the company's behalf. The Certificate of Incumbency is a document which includes the names, titles and percentage owned by the company registered in Delaware. Only your registered agent has the authority to prepare, notarize and file this document on behalf of your company. After the Certificate of Incumbency is signed and notarized by Global as your registered agent it is sent to the state for Apostille or Gold Seal certification and authentication.
What is the process and cost to have my document certified and authenticated?
The process includes all of the following in order 150    
Preparation and filing of a Corporate or Membership Resolution (must be signed and notarized by owner) 250    
Preparation and filing of a Certificate of Incumbency (signed and notarized by Global) 150    
Apostille Certification or Gold Seal Attestation from the Secretary of State 450    
Authentication from the Embassy Optional Fees 100     Expedited Services 250   
Courier Fees Once complete the Certificate of Incumbency is sent to the Embassy of your choice. This can take several weeks or months to facilitate. It is always better to request expedited processing when requesting this service.