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When forming a Delaware Corporation or LLC, Global Corporate Services offers several all-inclusive packages to help you start your new business. We have been incorporating in the State of Delaware since 1978. Our professional services are designed to help you start, run and maintain a successful business. Protect your personal assets with liability protection. Incorporate online in 24 hours with a Delaware Corporation or Delaware Limited Liability Company.

Legal Delaware Business Entities  

The state of Delaware offers several types of entities to be filed for your new business including

Delaware C Corporations

Delaware LLC

Delaware Series LLC

Delaware Sub S Corporation

Delaware Not for Profit Corporations

Delaware Partnerships

Delaware Public Benefit Corporation

Should I Form a Delaware Corporation or a Delaware LLC?

Both Delaware corporate entities are excellent choices for business owners looking to minimize their personal liability and build greater credibility. Each entity offers distinct tax and business advantages. Choosing the right one depends on the specific needs of the business.

Throughout our website, we will explain the advantages and disadvantages of the various Delaware business entities available to be filed. We are here to help you start your new business as quickly and cost effectively as possible.

Before deciding which type of business structure best suits your needs, always consult with your legal or financial advisors. Global Corporate Services, Inc. is a registered agent in the State of Delaware and does not offer legal or tax advice. We do have qualified accounting and legal partners, who can help you make a decision before filing your new company.

Forming a Delaware Corporation

Forming a Delaware Corporation (a general for profit corporation) provides personal asset protection and formalization of your business structure. It serves as a separation of your personal assets from those of your business and enables the business to take on investors.

Delaware Corporations Offer:

Personal liability and protection for owners.

Tax savings. Can be taxed at corporate or individual level (exclusive to US citizens)

Increased opportunities for raising capital

Required to perform certain formalities such as holding annual meetings and keeping detailed corporate records and minutes).

Corporate meetings and records can be held and kept anywhere in the world

File an annual Franchise Tax due prior to March 1st

No membership restrictions

Tax savings. Can be taxed at corporate or individual level (exclusive to US citizens)

Forming A Delaware Limited Liability Company (LLC)

Forming a Delaware Limited Liability Company (LLC) provides benefits and liability protection for any type of business.

Delaware Limited Liability Companies Offer:

Same personal liability protection as a corporation, but with fewer of the corporate formalities. However, the LLC typically

Offer personal liability protection for owners (same as a Corporation)

Must opt for an Operating Agreement

All LLCs must report worldwide income and file a US Tax return

Not required to hold formal meetings or keep detailed corporate minutes

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