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Airplane Registration

Protect Your Aircraft with a Delaware Corporation or a Delaware LLC in 24 Hours

Asset Protection for Aircraft Owners

Purchasing an  aircraft is a huge investment and requires a lot of research and thought. There are several possible options available, other than deciding on the type of aircraft cost. The legal ramifications including asset protection must be considered.

Before making the purchase and to protect yourself, your personal and other business assets, and your family it might be a better solution to consider owning the aircraft in a corporation.

If you agree, then the state of Delaware seems like the better option since it offers a favorable tax climate including:

No Sales tax
No Personal property tax
No Intangible property tax
No Stock transfer tax

Disclaimer: Even though there is  NO state income tax for Delaware corporations that operate out-of-state , a Federal Income Tax with the IRS must be filed annually.

Special Internet Package" - $400 For Aircraft Owners Residing in the US

Delaware Aircraft Package Includes:

  • Preparation and filing of the Certificate of Incorporation
  • Free Name Search
  • 24 Hour Overtime Processing
  • All State Filing Fees
  • Certified  Copy of Certificate
  • Registered Agent Fee
  • Processing of SS4 for EIN

If you qualify and meet FAA regulations as an International Client our fee is $465 to establish the corporation. It should be noted that as a non US Citizen registering your aircraft with an "N" Number with the FAA you cannot file as an LLC.

An Aircraft Is Eligible For U.S. Registration If Owned By: 

A U.S. Citizen - A U.S. citizen by definition of FAR Section 47.2 can be an individual, or partnership where each individual is a U.S. citizen, or a corporation organized under the laws of the United States, State, Territory or possession of the United States of which the president and two-thirds of the board of directors are U.S. citizens and 75 percent of the voting interest is owned or controlled by U.S. citizens

A Resident Alien  - A foreign individual lawfully admitted for permanent U.S. residence

A U.S. governmental unit or subdivision

A Non-Citizen Corporation  - lawfully organized and doing business under the laws of the U.S. or one of the States as long as the aircraft is based and primarily used in the U.S.

A non-citizen must file as a Delaware C Corporation and not an LLC. The FAA will not approve an application for a foreigner in the name of an LLC. 

Sixty percent (60% ) of all flight hours must be from flights starting and ending within the U.S. An address for all records or flight hours must me available for inspection.

The aircraft may not be registered in a foreign country during the period it is registered in the United States. You must provide the FAA with legal evidence of ownership e.g. Certificate of Incorporation.

FAA Regulations

US Citizen Corporations or LLC. A US citizen can register their aircraft owned by a Corporation or an LLC. There are no usage requirements for US citizens.

Owning an aircraft in this manner can offer you asset protection, privacy and tax savings. Once you have made the decision click here for our secure credit card application./

Non-Citizen Corporations "cannot" register an aircraft with the FAA as an LLC. However, a non-citizen "C" Corporation can register with the FAA as long as they meet the 60% requirement to fly in the US as as set forth by the FAA.  

Non-Citizen Corporations organized and doing business under the laws of the state of Delaware (or any other state) can own register an aircraft as a "C"Corporation as long as they comply with the following rules as cited in § 47.9 Corporations not U.S. citizens.

Non-Citizens who need additional information in order to qualify for our Corporation/Trust Package visit  US Trustee for Aircraft.

You must apply for a Certificate of Aircraft Registration from the Civil Aviation Registry before it may be operated. Do not depend on a bank, loan company, aircraft dealer, or anyone else to submit the application for registration. Do it yourself (in the name of the owner, not in the name of the bank or other mortgage holder)

.If you would like us to prepare the documents for your FAA registration Form 8050-1 our fee is $215.00. It usually takes up to three weeks or sometimes longer for the application to be processed.

Without the original FAA registration card, the aircraft cannot be flown out of the US. We can offer expedited services in most cases with a Title company for an additional fee of $250.