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IBC Formation

Global Corporate Services, Inc. has recently aligned itself with a group of attorneys who have set up the ability to create an IBC in the jurisdiction of St. Vincent and the Grenadines

What is an IBC?

An IBC is an International Business Corporation. Jurisdictions where IBC's are formed allow for rapid incorporation at
  • Low cost
  • Low or no taxation
  • Minimal reporting requirements
  • Some offshore jurisdictions allow nominee directors and officers
Considering the above advantages, an IBC is often preferred over a domestic corporation. IBC's are commonly used for new businesses, new partners, commercialization of new technology, and integrated estate planning. IBC's are generally not appropriate for conducting business which requires a physical location in another jurisdiction.

What is our Goal?

Our goal is to create your business structure with the most cost-effective and legally beneficial parameters. We form companies in St. Vincent and the Grenadines as well as other jurisdictions and are ready to find the location that best suits your needs.

We offer assistance in offshore structure consulting, business and commercial law, banking and finance and legal services as requested by our clients through local or US attorneys.

We ensure that your needs in forming your business are met quickly, and that the continued service you receive as a client will allow you to effectively meet all your legal business related requirements.

Reasons to consider St. Vincent and the Grenadines

  • Saint Vincent and the Grenadines is an independent Caribbean nation known for its democratic government, beautiful scenery and friendly population. It is also known as a yachtsman's paradise around the world.
  • The multi-island State became independent on 27 of October 1979. Since then it has maintained many of the traditions of Britain, while developing its own unique Vincentia civilization. It is a parliamentary democracy with a common law legal system.
  • The financial services sector is a prominent part of the investment development strategy of the country. Tourism is the prime income earner, and agriculture generally comes in second.

Pertinent facts about incorporation in St. Vincent and the Grenadines

  • Very competitively priced business formation
  • No local director or domicile requirements
  • Single director permitted
  • Director may be corporate entity
  • Registered or bearer shares allowed
  • An IBC may issue power of attorney and management mandates to any person
  • An IBC is exempt from taxes for 25 years from date of incorporation
  • Name of company, Registered Agent, authorized capital, and type of shares is the only information on public registry
  • Company books, share registers, etc. may be kept in or outside of St. Vincent
  • There is no limitation on where or how Board of Director meetings are held

Getting Started

Its easy!!!!. To get things started with the formation of your new IBC, we will need the following:
  • Due Diligence
  • Due Diligence documentation includes the following: (The following list of requirements applies to any Director, Shareholder or Beneficial Owner of the company).

1. Notarized copy (certified exact copy of the original) of current passport including photo and signature pages.

2. Notarized copy (certified exact copy of the original) of valid driver’s license.

3. Current utility (or similar) bill showing proof of address (less than 6 months old).

4. Original letter of reference from a bank with whom you have conducted business for a minimum of (1) one year (date account was opened should appear on the letter along with statement that account is in good standing – no amounts are required). Only required if opening a bank or brokerage account.

We suggest you fax (high resolution mode) or scan and email your documentation to us before you send originals, so that we can check for any missing or problematic documents.

  • Application Form
  • Fees
  • Fees may be remitted to us via wire transfer in US Dollars or check drawn on a US bank account. Please contact us for payment instructions.
International Business Company Formed in SVG (Initial formation & First year fees) $1700.00 USD (plus courier charges)
International Business Company, (Annual Fees) (Annual renewals after first year) $750.00 USD
Nominee Director (Annual Fees) $900.00 USD
Annual renewal fees after first year $1,000.00 USD
Bank Account (Time & Material)
Brokerage Account (Time & Material)
Asset Protection Trust (Includes consultation, detailed planning, one IBC  and bank account) $25,000 USD
Trustee Fees, per annum plus any time and material as necessitated by provisions of the Trust Deed, (including executing  instructions from the Settlor or Beneficiaries) $2,000 USD (minimum)
Mutual Fund Formation On Request
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